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Just because I want to show it off too, here is the pic Loupy got me and fionacat

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How cute is this pic

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I am trying to make a LJ client, but I can;t seem to make the usemask, work, I have the following, (pass *** out) but it always sets it to private:

mode: postevent
user: nekosune
auth_method: clear
password: ********
lineendings: pc
event: test
subject: test
year: 2006
mon: 10
day: 17
hour: 17
min: 32
security: usemask
usemask: 14

And apologies to the mods of LJ_developer as I attempted to post this there twice accidentally.
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One Piece

Which One Piece character are you?

You are Shanks!Laid back, would even be considered procrastinator. Someone pushes you ..you dont care, heck,they can push all they like, and you will not be phased. That goes to show that you are the kind of person that doesnt mind taking shit...course, when it calls for, and only then. will you be serious and bite back.
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Have been watching the original japanese (hate the english version) One piece
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• Pick a random number from 1 to 40. (the # of songs in my playlist!)
• I'll pick the song on my playlist that corresponds to the number and upload it.
If you already have it, just tell me and pick another number and I'll upload
that song.
• Afterwards, put this in your journal and do the same.